Friday, June 19, 2009


Just a note explaining who I am and the thought behind the name of my blog.  I am a registered dietitian and diabetes educator; specializing in weight management especially for those over the age of 40 like myself.  I also love to cook and spend hours experimenting with recipes creating tasty dishes, for the most part, but with a healthy twist.  I liked the name "New Direction" because it describes me.  I spent the majority of my like as a lab rat, alias Medical Technologist, working in a hospital laboratory.  I pretty much hated it after 5 years but it took another 15 years before I really decided what I wanted to be when I grew up.  That is when I took a new direction for my life and went back to school for another degree. Voila a dietitian, which I truly love.  My passion is diabetes and I feel that everyone should have access to diabetes education without insurance companies dictating the amount.  Look for periodic pointers on weight management and diabetes and who knows when I have an especially tasty recipe rehab  you may see that as well.